Monthly Active Users

Monthly Active Users

A Monthly Active User (MAU) only applies to Premium subscriptions and is defined as a unique user on your platform that accessed data from our API since the start of the current billing period.

Let's say you have a barcode scanner in your app, and it is set up to hit our API every time it gets used. Every time a user scans a barcode you must include a user ID with your API call. This can be any string of letters or numbers and doesn't have to relate back to your own database. If you have 1,000 users but only 10 of them scan a barcode you have 10 Monthly Active Users.

When the time comes to pay your bill we count how many of your users have accessed our API since the start of the current billing period.

Monthly Active Users
Tier 1
$0.001 each
Tier 3
2,500,001 - 15,000,000
$0.0001 each
Tier 3
$0.00001 each


Let's say you have 20,000,000 Monthly Active Users accessing our API. The amount you would be paid would be calculated by going from tier to tier. You would get charged $0.001 for 2,500,000 of them, $0.0001 for 15,000,000 of them, and $0.00001 for the remaining that spill over into the third tier.

The bill for the example above would be $4,324 ($299 base price + $4,025 MAU). This is an extreme example, but it is good to acknowledge how our billing scales as your platform grows.

Now let's say that your platform has 2,500 Monthly Active Users as defined above. Your bill would be $301.50 ($299 base price + (2,500 * $0.001)) for 2,500 MAU.

Use our interactive Cost Calculator to estimate your bill.

More about Monthly Active Users

Premium subscribers must pass a user_id URL parameter with each call made to any of our API endpoints. The ID you provide can be an arbitrary string of letters or numbers you assign to a user when they access our API and is only used for billing purposes. When a user on your platform triggers a call to our API the ID you assign them must be passed to our endpoint.

An example API call would look something like this:

[ENDPOINT].php?api_key=[YOUR API KEY]&code=[BARCODE]&user_id=[USER ID]

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